August 25, 2008

Revenge of "Qwest has gone and lost a customer"

Hi, my name is Shaun Capehart. You may remember me from such blog postings as "Ch-ch-changes (Shaun bitches out 2 Qwest employees)," "Qwest hates you and everything you love," and "Qwest has gone and lost a customer," the last of which including the following passage:

2 hours and 4 reps later, I finally get everything closed out. I'm pretty sure [Qwest is] going to charge me for things I shouldn't get billed for; whatever, I expect such unfair treatment in a divorce.

I am a goddamn seer. One month after I wrote this, like clockwork, I get a bill for $48.87, apparently "for account 480-966-****." (Editor's note: originally this entry listed my old telephone number. Then I realized that some of you guys are creepy and will come murder me in my home if I give you a shred of personal info. So there.)

I invite you, the masses of Cheap Shot Entertainment subscribers, to call 480-966-****. In fact, lemme save you a quarter. Don't bother. Because as of August 25, 2008, that number doesn't work. Do you know why? Because Qwest has gone and lost the customer for account 480-966-**** - four weeks ago.

Pat yourselves on the back, Qwest! If you could act any more retarded you'd have an Academy Award.

So tomorrow I get to call to dispute the bill. If it's any good, you all can get your first podcast in a long time.

~Shaun "shadenfreuda" Capehart

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