April 25, 2009

Official Notice: Cheap Shot Entertainment as you know it will soon be over

Hi everyone, Shaun here, breaking my vow of silence. That's because I needed to update our few and loyal readers with the big change that is coming soon to Cheap Shot Entertainment: the new site will be launching sometime next week, and I needed to prep everyone for the shift.

Firstly, this isn't just an aesthetic shift. In the years since Cheap Shot Entertainment launched, it has become an umbrella moniker for several services that we've been providing on the side, such as web design, animation, and video production. It's gotten to a point now that our services are garnering more attention for the brand than the blog, and it's time the site reflected that.

That isn't to say we're just gonna grow up though. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm working feverishly on getting Class Mishaps - our original home - back online for your viewing pleasure. This means that while Cheap Shot moves forward, our bloggers will be returning to their roots. And for the few that have been with us for the long haul, this might mean something to you: Chuck and Roger will be back.

So if you have a particular post you love off of this blog (and how could you not what with classics like Joey saying "The Office" sucks or that time I got mad at Qwest?) you'll probably want to save it somewhere, because next week those are going to be removed from the general public's record when we change domains and servers.

So in summation: Cheap Shot Entertainment is going corporate, but Class Mishaps is coming back to keep us entertained.

Keep checking in with the new Cheap Shot Entertainment site for news on the Class Mishaps launch. Hopefully it will be up within 3-4 weeks; just in time to start promoting that crazy project of mine and Joey's.

It's been a great ride so far, and I'm looking forward to it finally getting crazy again. I want to thank Munuviana for all the support the community has offered; they gave a lot and we only gave mediocre blog posts in return, so thank you for being so generous.

And a special shout out to Harvey from Bad Example for all of the support he's always given us. You always gave us audience, even when we never really deserved one.


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"When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk"


Enough talky-talk! Make with the doey-do!

Posted by: Harvey at April 26, 2009 05:29 AM