Official Notice: Cheap Shot Entertainment as you know it will soon be over

April 25, 2009

Hi everyone, Shaun here, breaking my vow of silence. That's because I needed to update our few and loyal readers with the big change that is coming soon to Cheap Shot Entertainment: the new site will be launching sometime next week, and I needed to prep everyone for the shift.

Firstly, this isn't just an aesthetic shift. In the years since Cheap Shot Entertainment launched, it has become an umbrella moniker for several services that we've been providing on the side, such as web design, animation, and video production. It's gotten to a point now that our services are garnering more attention for the brand than the blog, and it's time the site reflected that.

That isn't to say we're just gonna grow up though. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm working feverishly on getting Class Mishaps - our original home - back online for your viewing pleasure. This means that while Cheap Shot moves forward, our bloggers will be returning to their roots. And for the few that have been with us for the long haul, this might mean something to you: Chuck and Roger will be back.

So if you have a particular post you love off of this blog (and how could you not what with classics like Joey saying "The Office" sucks or that time I got mad at Qwest?) you'll probably want to save it somewhere, because next week those are going to be removed from the general public's record when we change domains and servers.

So in summation: Cheap Shot Entertainment is going corporate, but Class Mishaps is coming back to keep us entertained.

Keep checking in with the new Cheap Shot Entertainment site for news on the Class Mishaps launch. Hopefully it will be up within 3-4 weeks; just in time to start promoting that crazy project of mine and Joey's.

It's been a great ride so far, and I'm looking forward to it finally getting crazy again. I want to thank Munuviana for all the support the community has offered; they gave a lot and we only gave mediocre blog posts in return, so thank you for being so generous.

And a special shout out to Harvey from Bad Example for all of the support he's always given us. You always gave us audience, even when we never really deserved one.


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This is my last post before our re-launch

February 09, 2009

It's been a long journey, but Cheap Shot Entertainment will soon be closing its doors in the coming weeks and re-opening with a new design and purpose.

To cement this change, I am going to deny myself the privilege of making any posts for you until the new site is unveiled. I hope that by challenging my character via this posting that it will continue to motivate to make the transitions necessary to go from plans to success.

I also wanted to publicly announce that Class Mishaps will have its own site in the weeks to follow Cheap Shot's relaunch. It won't make sense to keep those comics with Cheap Shot anymore after the launch, and you'll see why when the time comes. Plus, Class Mishaps at the peak of its popularity was big enough that it would only be buoyed by other projects. I'm excited to see what happens when the comics are re-released to a whole new audience, and see how well the old strips hold up upon re-posting.

For now though, goodbye everyone. When the site comes back, you may not recognize our new blogging style and direction, but to those that have been with us since the beginning, I promise you that our spin-off/return to Class Mishaps will be in the same vein as our previous blogs.

I can't wait to be blogging for you guys again. I hope I earn myself the privilege very soon.


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How is everyone? Good?

December 15, 2008

Life behind-the-scenes with Cheap Shot only continues to get crazier and crazier. At some point I feel like I should put together a comprehensive guide to getting your own business started, but a lot of curve balls and unforeseen expenses have already started racking up, and for you, the reader at home, there's nothing quite ready to show for it.

My life has kind of devolved into "I'm working now," vs. "I'm making a conscious decision to not work right now." The double-edged sword to developing a web business is that the tools necessary to you to work are available at all times. While this brings an extremely accessible level of convenience to everything you do, it also means that it's always there lurking over your shoulder. It's a new, interesting situation to schedule hours in your mind for when you need to not work.

Of course, in this volatile climate, having too much to do isn't necessarily the worst problem in the world to have.

Anyway, this current iteration of Cheap Shot Entertainment first started coming together with our first post in November 2005, and it's exciting to finally be taking it to its maturity. I hope come the new year I can finally share with you guys' what the lack of entries and ambiguous promises have signified.

Until then, Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

~Shaun "The Turning Point" Capehart

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Some People Were Never Kids

October 31, 2009

Remember being a kid and saying, "I'm gonna go Trick or Treating! I hope I get a lot of Halloween-themed pencils and bouncy balls!"?

Of course you don't. No one has said that ever.

People, listen up: kids go trick or treating for candy. If you stop giving out candy, kids will stop trick or treating (with the possible exception of giving out money).

So now there's this movement... What's it called? Oh yeah, Grownups Who Haven't Smiled Since Before The Cuban Missile Crisis Want to Take the Fun Out of Everything.

Actually, I was paraphrasing, what it's actually called is Books for Treats.

They want you

to give out


instead of


I can't express my rage at the thought, though I assure you it is truly blinding.

You've obviously forgotten what it's like to be a kid, if this doesn't infuriate you. When you're a kid there are about 362 days a year when you have book after book shoved in your face and you're forbidden to eat candy.

When you're an adult you're working hard at your job all the time, you earn money and you can buy your own candy any day of the year. Plus, since you're at a job instead of in elementary school you never get a chance to read. Any few moments you can find to curl up with a good book is a bonus.

But stop thinking about how much it sucks to be you and how much it sucked to be a kid for a second.

If you really cared about the kids in your neighborhood you'd give them king sized candy bars. That's all they want.

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October 30, 2009

Folks, the spam comments here have become unbearable and, as with a sinking ship, bailing seems to have become futile.

However, after a recent particularly bad rash of them, they now seem to be at bay, and perhaps posting has become safe again.

The new site looks good, but Shaun is faced with an endless sea of troubles in finishing the programming behind it, and that's the cheap shot news.

What I want to tell all y'all (if there are, indeed, any people left checking this with any sort of regularity) about is NaNoWriMo, or as the novices may call it, National Novel Writing Month.

The idea is you spend all of November writing a 50,000 word novel. It sounds pretty daunting, and, indeed, it is, but it also should be a lot of fun and a good creative exercise.

So head on over, sign up! They'll make you feel right at home, and drop me a line, if you want, and we can talk about how upset we are with how our stories are turning out thus far.

I hope you all join me and tell all your friends!

Happy writing!

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Yet Another Open Letter to Hollywood

September 23, 2009

Dear Hollywood,

I admire your movie output, I really do. I think a lot of what you do is really great.

And, on top of that, there is no question in my mind that Hall of the Mountain King, Requiem for a Dream and Brazil are among the finest pieces of music ever written.

But seriously, Hollywood, stop using them in your trailers. Find some new music to show intensity or goofiness.

That's all for now!

Keep up the good work, Hollywood!

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I'm My Own Boss

July 04, 2009

...mostly. I don't really know if anyone comes here anymore, but I figured that this post won't do any bad either way.

A few months ago I earned the position of Station Manager at my campus radio station [that means I'm the #1 student in charge :P]. Our Fall programming won't be starting up until late August/early September, but you should check us out at if you're interested in alternative and local music [and when I say alternative, I actually mean it]. The computer runs throughout the whole year and we stream online, so listening in every now and then gives a good idea of our sound. Just click the button on the upper-right corner and we'll stream into your iTunes 24/7/365.

Right now the station is actually in a big transition stage. We've lost our ability to broadcast on the 1260 frequency because it was bought up by someone else. See, we don't have an FCC license, so whenever we find a frequency to broadcast on it can't interfere with another radio station...and if someone starts taking over our airwaves there's really nothing we can do about it. We actually have to change frequencies every decade or so, and have changed call letters at least once in the past 26 years. So soon we won't be anymore. We're going to be!

With the new domain name comes a whole website design overhaul [fingers crossed, we don't have much funding and are dependent on the school for that one] and perhaps some re-design to our basic logo and and AND I get to make a kickass t-shirt design for all the staff to wear ;]

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June 05, 2009

We often spread ourselves too thin. I like this article.

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Imaginary Rawr

January 25, 2009

In the past the question has been raised, "What doe Imaginary Rawr mean?" ...and I've never really had a good answer.

You know that old saying about something's bark being bigger than its bite? People have said before that I am an intimidating person. This is an amusing concept to me. I am actually a very shy person, I hardly ever get seriously angry, and I love to laugh. My bark isn't bigger than my bite, I hardly even have a bark [though I do come with a bit of bite]. Hell, I'm almost downright demure. My bark is pretty much imaginary. I suppose I could be Imaginary Bark, but it doesn't have the same feeling to me. So fear my Imaginary Rawr! Or not :P

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